Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm just saying...

Wtf is so grand about a nigga who treats you like a woman when he ain't the only one to do that seriously? I don't get how females constantly wanna be on the dudes nuts mentally and be having blinders on. I get that there are dudes esp niggas out there to get in the pants and shit as a male I ain't gonna say its never occurred in my mind, but that's not the case with a woman who got class and knows how to have a decent convo. I mean damn if a guy asked you straight up why is he so special he don't want to hear shit that he is doing w.o having a alternative motive. I'm a nice guy and I've heard that shit ALL my life so to me I'm like fuck it unless I can pull a rabbit out of my ass this one isn't going to notice me like I want her to. There has been the rare occasions where I get her to see me, but that's after me flying a plane w a banner on the end!(figure of speech) It would be one thing if the woman was actually w the dude..but no they are single usually with the tag not lookin but willing to shag you if I think your worth it...hold up did I just complain about possibly getting some from a single female w no strings?! Hell yes I did bc strings always exist. Bc 8 out of 10 guys maybe fine w no strings sex but there still is that 2 that actually see you (the female reader) as a woman who is still worth something not just a fuck buddy. If push came to shove they would definitely take the chance to "plunder" your booty but that small chance to hook you is there...and that ladies and gentleman is the string! The very essence of the 2:10 ratio. So ladies you know what that means? You got 2 real choices when that not looking tag comes off. That doesn't mean you can't have fun w them just means you gotta watch out for the string or take into account what really makes the nigga you jockin so damn special. I'm just sayin..

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