Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sitting here drunk...

<p>I'm sitting here drunk thinkin about my life and thinking about my great grandpa that died Tuesday at 5:00 approx. And all I can say is Damn. Because he was 97 years old a God fearing man and man that lived through the great depression...and I never got to talk to him about his life growing up. All that knowledge is lost unless someone asked him way before he started getting sick. I'm upset mostly because he had Cancer <br>
And it wasn't caught, not really, just thought to be dormant when he technically had it for 9 years from what I understand. A lot of people no longer have their great grandparents sure ,but I'm seriously feeling like I'm the only one who knows what's been really lost. I am a person who finds ones family past important and even a great resource to what one is capable of. I'm glad he was able to see 9 decades, but to me it wasn't long enough...I'm glad one of my sons was able to meet him; but I'm deeply saddened bc my other sons wasn't able to...its sobering. :(

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